ROI of a World Class Team


We always get the question, “What is the true return on my investment with partnering on my project?”  Truth be told, there is no definitive way to measure it.  We often get comments that range from, “Partnering saved us over 2 months on our schedule”, to “Without partnering on our project, this project could have been a disaster.”  So how do we justify the expense (or investment) if we cannot adequately monetize a hard ROI?

The above infographic includes a few different data points that we gathered from a few sources.

The Business as Usual data from the Center for Construction Research – December 2012

The World Class data from the 2013 International Partnering Institute Award winners

At Ventura Consulting Group, we strive to help you deliver the highest ROI.  Not just in terms of getting value out of partnering, but delivering extraordinary results to your clients, your firm and your employees.


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