We don’t just do partnering…
We build truly World Class teams.

What is Partnering?

A process of collaborative teamwork to achieve measurable results through commitments and productive relationships. It’s based on the premise that working together creates success. The Corps endorsed partnering as far back as 1990, saying “Clearly, the best dispute resolution is dispute prevention…By taking the time at the start of the project to identify common goals, common interests, lines of communication, and a commitment to cooperative problem solving, we encourage the will to resolve disputes and achieve project goals.” Now the process is required by ownership groups such as Caltrans, NAVFAC, USACE, GSA, Nevada DOT & many other agencies.

Partnering Creates an Opportunity for:

  • Improved project quality
  • Heightened safety awareness
  • Decreased claims
  • Increased contractor profit
  • Improved relationships and job satisfaction
  • Timely issue resolution and less project delays
  • Improved cost controls and efficiencies
  • Projects completed ahead of schedule and under budget

What Makes Ventura Consulting Group Different?

  • We only work with project teams where senior management is committed to project excellence.
  • VCG’s workshops are project specific and require individuals to commit to specific actions to achieve project excellence.
  • We do not play games, team building or psychological stuff in our workshops – 90% of our time is spent working on the project.
  • A focus on winning the game. Not just a defensive game plan, but an offensive strategy for project success.
  • We offer a guarantee that ensures a significant breakthrough and project success.

Why Strive for World Class™ Project Team Status?

Being “Good” in today’s construction marketplace is not good enough. As Vince Lombardi put it, “I am not remotely interested in just being good.” Prequalified bid lists and subjective selection criteria are becoming the norm in public construction projects. If you are a construction firm, how you play as a team is a big part of your reputation and directly affects your ability to win hard bid work. As an owner, a positive reputation as a team player, helps you attract lower bids for your projects.

  • Today’s sophisticated project delivery systems (CM at Risk, Design-Build andIPD) demand a highly collaborative process.
  • A World Class team is the best value tool in terms of managing project cost and risk.
  • Just being “good” does not inspire. Teams want to strive for true project excellence, bring forth pride and, yes, even passion on your projects.