Named for AGC’s 1991 President Marvin M. Black – an ardent supporter of the partnering process–the Liberty Mutual Marvin M. Black Excellence in Partnering Awards recognize the successful partnerships and collaborations that work to improve construction projects. Contractors honored with this award stand out for their ability in the following areas:

  • Signing a formal partnering charter
  • Achieving a common goal
  • Honoring all stake holders
  • Resolving Conflict
  • Improving communication on the project with all audiences
  • Incorporating team-building activities

VCG facilitated the partnering on two of the awards this year.

I-880/SR-92 Interchange – Hayward, CA – Flatiron/Granite JV & Caltrans

USACE 7th Special Forces Complex – Eglin AFB, FL – Hensel Phelps Construction

What are the payoffs of having a World Class or Award winning construction team?

Yes, getting to travel to Honolulu to receive your award for partnering excellence is a major payoff for construction teams.  It’s fun.  It is also a reflection of the big payoff though, which our clients share with us, are the relationships that last beyond the life of a job.  Relationships that can often lead to future opportunities in terms of work and projects.  These bonds are formed in the trenches of projects.  Where teams are working together collaboratively to work through issues, come up with solutions and striving to let the issue not impact the schedule or budget.  Every single award winning project in Honolulu two weeks ago encountered challenges.  None were immune to impact by 3rd parties, weather, local business, etc.  They viewed these opportunities to bring the team together, come up with a solution and further strengthen their teams.

World Class teamwork and results are not easy or predictable.  It takes time, dedication and can lead to great relationships….and maybe a trip to Honolulu.

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