Route I-5 Median Shoulder Improvement Project from Route 605 to Washington Blvd. This project upgraded the median barrier from Thrie Beam and Type 50 barrier to Type 60 concrete barrier along I-5 between Los Angeles and Orange County, including several bridges and undercrossings in the cities of Downey and Commerce. This high-volume freeway presented difficulties with safety; however, due to careful planning and a commitment to Partnering, the project was a success, finishing $800,000 under budget.  Click here for a link to the Caltrans Award Program

Success Stories

This project demanded a rigorous schedule for completion. Despite this challenge, the construction team was able to complete the project on time and under budget. The partnership between Vanguard Construction and Caltrans enabled the team to meet project goals. Other successes include:

  • Vanguard Construction was able to get the SWPPP approved before the review period concluded. In doing this, they were able to avoid a late start on the project.
  • Resolved issues of void formation from excavation and implemented a plan for the future, while limiting the impact on the schedule.
  • The team was able to jointly address unforeseen conditions on the bridge deck and set up a change order to allow for bridge deck refinishing.
  • Implemented a method to maintain spacing in the rebar. This increased strength in the wall.
  • Received Caltrans’ 2013 Partnering Success in Motion Gold Award.

“The team did not view the partnering sessions as a “check the box” specification requirement, rather they utilized the partnering sessions to discuss true project concerns and approaches to construction.” – Neal Flesner, Ventura Consulting

Partnering Leadership

  • Hassan Fayad RE, Caltrans District 7 (Pictured Above)
  • Fuad Aziz Assistant RE, Caltrans District 7 (Pictured Above)
  • Wayne Liu Senior RE, Caltrans District 7 (Pictured Above)
  • Marcus Hanson PM, Vanguard Construction
  • John Marks Operations Manager, Vanguard Construction
  • Neal Flesner Facilitator, Ventura Consulting (Pictured Above)

Caltrans and the Construction Industry are committed to making partnering the way we do business. Partnering promotes open and honest communication, trust, understanding and teamwork. The field guide is written for both Caltrans and contractor personnel working at the project level to convey Caltrans and industry commitment to partnering, to define responsibilities for partnering, and to provide tools for successful partnering.

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