On Thursday, March 15th, Jim Eisenhart and Neal Flesner along with Mr. Gerry Majkut of DCK Worldwide and Mr. Wayne Lindholm of Hensel Phelps Construction, presented “Raising the Bar on Construction Teamwork:  Your Projects Best Tool for Managing Risk, Controlling Cost & Achieving Overall Project Excellence & Personal Fulfillment.

Mr. Majkut & Mr. Lindholm shared their experiences on the distinction between just good and truly World Class Project Teams on construction projects.  In addition to the discussion on the value of World Class Teams, the panel discussed and shared experiences around:

  • Why a World Class Team is the owner’s, GC and design teams best value tool.
  • Why striving toward World Class teamwork is imperative in today’s construction marketplace.
  • What you and your project team can do to realize World Class teamwork and results on your construction project.
  • The role of World Class teams in executing and enhancing alternative project delivery methods.
  • The value of a facilitated construction partnering workshop in the development of a World Class team.

VCG extends a warm thanks to Mr. Lindholm & Mr. Majkut for their participation and engagement at the 93rd Annual AGC National Convention in Honolulu, HI.

Aloha & Mahalo!

For a copy of the presentation email:  neal@venturaconsulting.com

March 15th, 2012 - Honolulu Hawaii

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