Jim Eisenhart of VCG is currently working on two extraordinary tunneling projects on the West Coast.  The first being the SR-99 Tunnel in Seattle, WA.  “Crews are clearing dirt in Seattle to make way for an 80-foot-deep launch pit for the massive boring machine that will dig the $2 billion Highway 99 tunnel that will run under the old Alaskan Way Viaduct. Concrete shafts have been installed for the pit’s four 110-foot-deep walls. More than 1,400 pilings will be needed. The tunnel is scheduled to open by 2016.”  Click here to read more. The Caldecott Tunnel in the Bay Area is the 2nd, “Tunnel crews are nearing the end of “rough work” on the approximately $402 million fourth bore of the Caldecott Tunnel in California. Excavation of the 3,389-foot tunnel is expected to be finished this week. “We have a lot of finish work ahead, but we are past the phase in this complex project that has the most uncertainty: the digging,” said Caltrans senior engineer Ivan Ramirez.” Click here to read more.

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