Mr. Jim Eisenhart, President of the Ventura Consulting Group, was the inaugural recipient of the International Partnering Institute’s 2012 Excellence in Partnering Facilitation award given on May 17th in San Francisco.  Jim was selected on the basis of his facilitation skills and his industry leadership.  Mr. Eisenhart has personally led partnering processes on over 700 projects worldwide from the Pentagon Renovation to the San Francisco Bay Bridge. Click

Achieving World Class Project Teamwork – With No Excuses As seen in ENR on May 21st, 2012 Click here for the full article The excuses. I have heard them all by now: “You’ve got to have good people to have a good team” or “You can’t have a high performance team on a public, low-bid project” or “There has to be sufficient resources and funding.” Consider that great or world-class