To a non-construction professional, finding a rare animal fossil may seem pretty awesome and even kind of cool!  These prehistoric bones are a glimpse into the past and evoke curiosity in most of us.Question such as, “What was walking on these lands long ago,” or “What kind of animal was this,” cross our minds. However, to the seasoned project manager or building owner, while finding prehistoric remains are surely an important

As is often the case, it is easy to see the strengths of a proven leader when a team executes and delivers as expected on a given task or project.  However, regardless of the overall team strength or amount of time and energy spent planning, eventually trouble will strike. While unexpected obstacles can be disconcerting, it’s often hurdles like these that provide an opportunity for a true leader to shine.  Last

On Thursday, May 7, 2015, the San Diego & Imperial Counties Chapter of the American Public Works Association hosted a reception to present awards for public works projects exhibiting a high level of teamwork among the managing agency and the A/E/C team.  Among those projects honored was the $130 million communication and electrical upgrade project at Camp Pendleton, a JV between RQ Construction and Bergelectric. As is often the case with many

The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) Phase 2 of the Exposition (Expo) Light Rail Line, at $1.5 billion, has been hailed as the light rail project that will finally connect downtown city of Los Angeles residents with the beaches of Santa Monica. A milestone design-build project in Los Angeles’s massive more than $40 billion transit program. As with any large complex transit project, there are major challenges and

By Jim Eisenhart of Ventura Consulting Group From Partnering Magazine May/June 2014 Issue We have all been there. ‘There’ meaning having been on a project that despite good intentions has “gone south’. There are several truisms about behaviors on these projects. What are those behaviors? Excessive e-mails; a CYA mentality; everyone focused exclusively on playing ‘not to lose’ or risk avoidance; game playing and posturing; very reactive/crisis mode; complete distrust;