Fixing the Challenging/Problem Project Fast – and Without Contractual Battles

Most ‘problem projects’ begin with good intentions, but still end up delayed, over budget and frequently in litigation.

At Ventura Consulting Group, we have facilitated over 1000 projects since 1991.  Over 30% of these have been problem, or troubled projects, which we have transformed into a success for everyone involved.

What is the Challenging/Problem Project?

Challenging / Problem Projects are characterized by:

  • Excessive emails,
  • Communication breakdown
  • Loss of trust
  • Game playing, case building and posturing
  • Ongoing contractual disputes
  • A reactive, crisis mode and playing ‘not to lose’

Challenging/Problem Projects may result in the following consequences:

  • Unresolved claims
  • Job delays
  • Budget overruns
  • Personal stress
  • A bad reputation in an industry moving increasingly toward qualified selection

Ventura Consulting Group will not only fix your challenged project, but we will also create what we term a World Class™ team within five months—guaranteed. CLICK HERE to read an article from Construction Executive magazine with eight proven essential steps we use to fix problem projects and achieve positive and sustained results.