“The project’s unique exterior and structural design demanded foresight and vision to turn the plans and specifications into a state-of-the-art, world class hospital facility. The construction team worked long hours and extended work weeks searching out best practices and the right resources to execute the design. They both challenged and teamed with the on-site architects and engineers to ensure a high-quality outcome. The new St. Joseph Hospital Patient Care Center is an outstanding example of when an owner, design team, general contractor and the rest of the construction team partner together step-by-step to achieve a common goal.”

—Chuck Coryell, St. Joseph Hospital director, Design & Construction

Partnering Results

  • Completed on-time and $7.9 million under budget.
  • Achieved ZERO recordable safety incidents.
  • Enabled direct communication between
    subcontractors and sub-consultants.
  • Developed innovative ideas to ensure quality and all
    project delivery goals.

Project Description

The St. Joseph Hospital Patient Care Center project required extensive preplanning and preconstruction to mitigate disruption to the existing hospital and to coordinate the facility’s extensive mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems, California seismic requirements and various other construction complexities. The project team for the Patient Care Center not only needed to coordinate with one hospital, but two that surrounded the site and connected to the new facility. To build trust and collaboration among various project stakeholders, the team held three, week-long partnering sessions during preconstruction that brought everyone up to speed quickly and seamlessly. These sessions successfully turned the disparate groups into a unified team on-track to success.

The initial weeks of formal partnering sessions led to the identification of seven essential core goals. Subsequent sessions and involving everyone in partnering, from the craft workers to the project executives, end-users, and even the jobsite neighbors and local community, ensured the goals were met and that all stakeholders were thrilled with the process and the end-result.

Project Team

St. Joseph Health System

McCarthy Building Companies