“Obtaining the permits for this demonstration required sharing with Caltrans in both developing our plans and specifications to reflect their specific means and methods to be employed by K/M at each and every step of the demolition; a level of collaboration unprecedented in my many years of experience in public contracting.”

– Brian Boal, PE, Senior Resident Engineer Department of Transportation

Partnering Results

  • Zero recordable safety incidents
  • No lost time discharges
  • No project stoppages
  • Positive press and won multiple awards
  • Under budget and profitable
  • Developed project innovations estimated to save $90+ million and trim three years from the schedule.

Project Description

Before a new Bay Bridge could be built, the existing bridge superstructure and 20 marine foundations needed to be removed. Phase 1 of the San Francisco – Oakland Bay Bridge East Span Removal project sought to prove that implosion blasting of marine foundations could be performed in a safe and environmentally responsible manner, and that the CM/GC method is a successful contract model that, through partnering and early contractor involvement, can maximize design, innovation, and cost efficiencies.

Partnering played a key role in facilitating collaboration among numerous project stakeholders and third party permitting agencies who were responsible for protecting the estuarian environment of San Francisco Bay. Their buy-in was needed to obtain the necessary permits allowing work to proceed.

On November 14, 2015, a controlled implosion blast successfully demolished over 20-million pounds of concrete and reinforcing steel of the Pier E3 structure that remained above the Bay floor. The successful removal of this foundation created an opportunity for Caltrans to pursue the removal of the remaining foundations through implosive demolition techniques, a process that is estimated to save over $90 million and shorten the schedule by three years.

Project Team

California Department of Transportation

Construction Manager/General Contractor:
Kiewit / Manson

Caltrans Environmental Consultant:


AGC of America – 2017 Alliant Build America Merit Award Winner: Marvin M. Black Excellence in Partnering