“Expo 2 was a very large and complicated public transit project built through a city crowded by existing infrastructure, traffic, and opposing public opinions. The Partnering methods and manors afforded the large and diverse project team an occasional workshop environment from which we could resolve interpersonal and process issues outside of the routine project structure.”

-Jack Waizenegger, Manager of Design and Projects at Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

Partnering Results

  • Decreased schedule by 18 months
  • Completed on budget
  • Zero lost-time safety incidents
  • No rejected submittals; no rework
  • No shutdowns to existing operations
  • Exceeded SBE and local hires beyond contract requirements
  • Enhanced relations with the community and multiple third-party stakeholders
  • Design-Build
  • $1.5 Billion
  • Envision Platinum Certification

Project Description

Complex, large-scale projects often require close collaboration with third- party entities beyond the design and construction team. Such was the case on the L.A. Metro Transit Authority Expo Line Phase 2 project—a 6.6-mile light rail transit extension between Culver City and Santa Monica. The high- profile public transportation project involved construction of seven stations, seven major bridges; three park-and-ride lots; track work; civil work; and, systems and electrical work. It also entailed more than 80 utility relocations.

Collaboration with six distinct stakeholders, 25 utilities and agencies, as well as various other entities was required to ensure the project’s success. Due to the extensive number of project stakeholders, VCG and the project team created a truly innovative way to actively engage all parties as genuine team members. Coined “Derivative Partnering,” this process supported the project’s success, while also meeting the needs of third party agencies. Resulting from this approach, the project team overcame numerous challenges, shaved approximately 18 months from the schedule and significantly decreased the budget.

Project Team

Exposition Construction Authority

General Contractor:
Skanska-Rados, Joint Venture

Architect of Record:
Parson’s Brinkerhoff

Architect of Record:
RAW International
(for National/Palms, Exposition/
Westwood, Exposition/Sepulveda, and Exposition/Bundy stations)


International Partnering Institute – 2016 John L. Martin Partnered Project of the Year Award