Construction was recently completed two months ahead of schedule on a new Fitness and Liberty Center at Naval Base Coronado (NBC) in San Diego, Calif. A collaboration of NAVFAC Southwest and RQ Construction, the $43.9 million project is hailed as the “largest and best” fitness facility in the Navy.

“The one word that comes to mind when I look at this facility is teamwork — the teamwork of everyone that was a part of this and the people who made this dream come to life,” said Cmdr. Michael Meno NAVFAC Southwest public works officer at NBC, in an NAVFAC news release.

The long-awaited facility was envisioned over six years ago after Navy officials were dismayed by the sad-state of the existing fitness areas. The new venue was built with input from sailors on the base who now have a dedicated, top-rate space with nearly every imaginable fitness amenity to help them stay in shape as well as a variety of entertainment options in the new Liberty Center.

In an eCoronado blog post and photo tour of the Center, it stated that both Naval Base Coronado Commanding Officer Captain Chris Sund and RQ Construction VP Don Rogers used the word collaboration when referring to the process of constructing the new space. There was an enormous amount of teamwork and partnership and a true commitment to be successful that made the project a reality.

Neal Flesner of Ventura Consulting Group facilitated the Partnering on this collaborative project.

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Photo Credit: Kellee Hearther


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