On October 5th, 2011, Mr. Neal Flesner of Ventura Consulting Group worked with a group of 100+ Caltrans District 7 Resident Engineers and Structures Representatives at the District 7 Headquarters in downtown Los Angeles.  The discussion included the value of having a World Class Team on Caltrans projects, partnering best practices and implementing partnering with your contractor on your next project.

Mr. Roger Banos, Project Engineer & Supervisor for Caltrans District 7 said, “Partnering gives teams the opportunity to discuss potential issues before they happen and proactively plan for project success.  In my experience, the team learns a great deal from these open conversations.”  Mr. Banos went on to say, “Thank you for your presentation at our meeting.  The high profile, real life examples that you gave about partnering’s no-excuse/full accountability for everything mentality will help create more world class project teams at Caltrans.  Demonstrating that partnering is the best tool for a project’s success inspired people to apply the Caltrans partnering plan.  I really liked how you engaged and connected with ourstaff by going into the crowd. You gave us the momentum that we needed.”


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