The Calavaras Dam Replacement project in the mountains east of San Francisco Bay has been plagued by a multitude of challenges; the most daunting of which were site conditions laid down by Mother Nature thousands of years ago. A major nearby fault, naturally occurring asbestos and ancient landslides uncovered while the project was already underway were just some of the obstacles faced by the project team.

Although various unforeseen conditions and complexities have significantly impacted the project’s cost and schedule, the team continues to press forward and work together without casting blame or a single claim. Led by VCG Master-Level Partnering Facilitator Paul Crotty, proactive partnering sessions, including common goal setting, communication strategies, and issue resolution procedures, as well as detailed risk-mitigation tracking have helped the team remain focused and persevere.

Read the ENR article Moving Mountains at the Calaveras Dam Replacement to learn more about the tenacity of this high-functioning project team and the monumental challenges they have overcome.

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