Achieving World Class Project Teamwork – With No Excuses

As seen in ENR on May 21st, 2012

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The excuses. I have heard them all by now: “You’ve got to have good people to have a good team” or “You can’t have a high performance team on a public, low-bid project” or “There has to be sufficient resources and funding.”

Consider that great or world-class project teamwork has little to do with your project’s circumstances. Rather, it is about how your team deals with those circumstances—as a team.

On Caltrans and Kiewit-Pacific’s $700-million Benicia-Martinez Bridge, the geotechnical conditions found were at variance with the geo-tech report.  This led to an enormous change order that delayed the project for well over a year.  Was this team a failure? I say “no.” They quickly and fairly negotiated a complex change order, agreed on an aggressive partnership completion goal and hit it. The project was named Road and Bridge’s “Bridge of the Year” and won a Marvin Black Award for partnering excellence from AGC of America…..continue reading


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