By Neal Flesner

Communication in general is a daunting undertaking on construction projects involving various companies and team members with different personalities. When problems arise and you are tasked with delivering bad news to a project owner, communicating this sensitive information becomes even more challenging.

I was recently interviewed for a United Rentals’ blog post about 3 Ways General Contractors Can Improve Communication with Owners. During the interview, I expressed my thoughts on the importance of strong communication to achieving project success and building trusting, long-term relationships with your business partners. We also talked about strategies for delivering bad news in a way that will not only mitigate its impact through proactive problem solving, but will strengthen lasting relationships.

These tactics include:

  1. Be upfront about problems, especially their impact
  2. Communicate the tough stuff face to face
  3. Don’t talk about problems — talk about solutions

Read the article to learn more.

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