Ventura Consulting Group has a long-standing working relationship with Ghilotti Bros, Inc. (GBI) in Marin, CA.  VCG has facilitated many of GBI’s award winning projects.  In addition, Mr. Jim Eisenhart has worked internally with GBI to institutionalize their efforts for World Class teamwork and success.  Mr. Eisenhart was featured on GBI’s website and said, “Over the past 21 years I have worked as a partnering facilitator with the vast majority of the top 25 general contractors in the United States and dozens of mid-sized firms. Ghilotti Brothers, Inc., I can assert, is one of the very few who have what I term “institutionalized” a genuine collaborative approach to working with owners, CM’s and engineers. By this I mean they consistently engage with project stakeholders on the basis of common goals that often go well beyond their legal requirements or the specs, true teamwork and personal integrity. They seek to understand clients real and often unspoken needs and commit to meeting these, even as project circumstances change, over the duration of the job. Of the twenty or so projects I have been involved in with them, I cannot think of one that has not met our standard of a World Class construction team. ”

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