We hear this all of the time, “The key to success is communication.”  Although smart phones, tablets and a multitude of apps are providing additional modes of communication, the challenges and potential for miscommunication are increasing.  And, the larger the project, the greater the chance of missteps and miscues.  If you want to improve your team and your own levels of communication, you must continue to learn, grow and help those around you.

Here are a couple of good articles that speak to improving your communication:

5 Tips to Improve Your Non-Verbal Communication at Meetings

Why is this important?  How we present our ideas is almost as important as what we are presenting.  Your ability to use strong non-verbal skills in meetings sends positive messages about your commitment, abilities and approach to situations.

3 Big Communication Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Oh man!  How often do you say to yourself, “If I could do it over again, I would say this…”.  I was always told to really think before you speak.  Still with senior executives on major construction projects, verbal communication blunders inadvertently occur.  We can all learn from these mishaps and work to avoid common communication pitfalls within our teams

By Neal Flesner – If you have stories, ideas or insights, please feel free to share below!


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