On November, 4th, 2011, Jim Eisenhart participated in a panel for the 22nd annual VANIR 2011 PM/CM Conference.  Panel members included John Wong (LAUSD) & Craig Shulman (LPA, Inc).  This was facilitated by John Kuprenas and Sam Yu of Vanir.  The panel discussed the evolving role of a construction manager, the utilization of new deliver methods, advances in technology, increased complexity of projects and the sophistication of clients.  Mr. Eisenhart

Last Friday, May 6th, 2011, the LAUSD South Region Middle School #3 and Suffolk Team celebrated their World Class Teamwork & Results with a barbecue hosted by Ventura Consulting Group. VCG hosts barbecues for teams that achieve World Class Teamwork based on self evaluations after their 2nd partnering review workshop. Congratulations to the team and keep up the World Class effort! LAUSD SRMS #3 – World Class BBQ from VENTURA