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FROM CALTRANS NEWSLETTER – MAY 2013 – We all want to do a good job, get recognized for it and enjoy going to work—all at the same time. You may ask how that’s possible in the world of construction, where changes, challenges and disputes happen daily. The Division of Construction administers a Partnering Program aimed at doing just that.  While the term “partnering” is thrown around in many circles as a way of describing how groups of people work together to get something done, within the Division of Construction the word partnering has a more formal definition. Partnering is a way of conducting business in which two or more organizations make written, long-term commitments to achieve mutual goals. This requires changing traditional adversarial relationships into team-based relationships. Partnering promotes open communication, trust, understanding and teamwork among participants. In a partnering relationship, trust and open communication are encouraged and expected from all participants. All parties address and resolve issues and problems promptly and at the lowest possible level based on an agreed upon dispute resolution ladder. They strive to develop solutions that are agreeable and meet the needs of everyone involved, which is a win-win approach. All parties identify common goals for the partnership and at the same time discuss each other’s individual goals and values. The parties seek input from each other to find better solutions to the problems and issues at hand. This creates synergy in the relationship, which fosters cooperation and improves the productivity of the partnership.  Click here to read the full article.

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