Turning the Problem Construction Project into Extraordinary Success
By Jim Eisenhart

We’ve all been there: the projects that started with good people who had good intentions and then went south, or maybe just sideways.

And we know how to play the games once this starts.  The ‘hi-low change order’ game, the ‘it is a change/no it is not’ game, ‘it’s in the scope/not in the scope’ and, the ‘CYA e-mail and letter writing’ game. This game playing, case building and posturing only causes stress and wastes time.

We all have good excuses as to why out project cannot be fixed.  People who won’t change; lousy or incomplete drawings, bureaucratic owners and change order artist contractors.

Suppose you took all these excuses away and gave your team the opportunity to reset with measurable, non contractually binding goals.  Goals that, when realized, would equate to an extraordinary success for every project stakeholder.

Then back these up with key milestones, collaborative processes and personal commitments + a review process to acknowledge future success and support continuous team improvement.

Raising The Bar On Construction Project Teamwork
By Jim Eisenhart

Just “good” project teamwork is no longer good enough. In today’s construction world owner’s are turning to best value selection and pre-qualification. Furthermore, these projects are using alternative project delivery methods and BIM. With all of these technologies and changes your best project results in terms of schedule, cost and overall excellence will only evolve out of having a World Class project team. Jim’s book featuring interviews of over 120 contractors, owners, CM’s, and designers presents both a mindset, as well as a practical process for achieving World Class teamwork with consistency and velocity on your next project.

“This book should be on the reading list of every Project Manager who aspires towards World Class Project Teamwork. Owners and Contractors alike will benefit from the experiences of others written in this book”.

Dennis S. Mori, Executive Officer – Project Director
Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority

Recent Reviews

“World Class teamwork, as Mr. Eisenhart defines it in this book, should be a goal of all our construction industry partners.  It takes a culture and professionalism that will accept nothing short of an extraordinarily successful project that leads to enduring relationships.”

Wayne Lindholm – Executive Vice President, Hensel Phelps Construction

“Jim’s book bridges the critical and often missing gap between construction project stakeholder’s good initial intentions and realizing consistently extraordinary project teamwork and success with a practical, feet-on-the-ground process.”

Lee Evey, Pentagon Renovation Program Manager, and former DBIA president.

“Mr. Eisenhart’s book does an excellent job of both defining the distinction of World Class teamwork and the imperative of all project stakeholders to strive towards it on project’s in todays challenging construction environment.”

Brian Jordan, Senior Vice President & Regional Manager, AECOM