The San Francisco Collaborative Partnering (SFCP) consortium honored teams on two Ventura Consulting Group (VCG) facilitated projects—Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital Hybrid MRI/IR and Potrero Avenue Roadway Improvement—during its inaugural Partnering Awards Ceremony in September 2018. Both projects were facilitated by Neal Flesner of VCG. Founded by the San Francisco Collaborative Partnering Steering Committee, the SFCP Awards Program recognizes teams that implement best practices and foster collaborative relationships on City

“This is a project that all of its stakeholders will look back on for the rest of their careers as the gold standard in collaboration and overcoming monumental challenges, together.” – Paul Crotty, Ventura Consulting Group The $823 million Calaveras Dam Replacement Project in the mountains east of San Francisco Bay reached its full height in September 2018 and is nearly ready to begin impounding water. The project milestone was