The $554.7 million construction of the Kosciuszko Bridge will consist of six lanes, which will carry the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway over Newtown Creek.  Upon completion of the first span of the project, 160,000 vehicles per day bound for both Brooklyn and Queens will be transferred onto it, with three lanes going in each direction.  The project is currently in its second year and is estimated to be completed by early 2017. The second

As is often the case, it is easy to see the strengths of a proven leader when a team executes and delivers as expected on a given task or project.  However, regardless of the overall team strength or amount of time and energy spent planning, eventually trouble will strike. While unexpected obstacles can be disconcerting, it’s often hurdles like these that provide an opportunity for a true leader to shine.  Last

  We often read Dan Rockwell’s blog Leadership Freak as I find it both informative and interesting.  There was a recent article he posted that I found particularly helpful as warning signs and behaviors  that can occur within a team that can be incredibly crippling and should serve as signals to leadership that change should be imminent in order to right the ship.  Click here to see “The Complete List of Toxic Behaviors That