From the February/March Issue of Partnering Magazine In December 2012, Julie Brockman, Ph D. of Michigan State University published a study entitled “The Interpersonal Cost of Conflict in Construction”. In a study of 41 jobsite conflicts, they found that on AVERAGE, 161 hours (~20 days) were spent attempting to manage each conflict. When they analyzed those work hours, managing each conflict cost the team, on AVERAGE, $10,948.00! I am sorry

By Jim Eisenhart of Ventura Consulting Group From Partnering Magazine May/June 2014 Issue We have all been there. ‘There’ meaning having been on a project that despite good intentions has “gone south’. There are several truisms about behaviors on these projects. What are those behaviors? Excessive e-mails; a CYA mentality; everyone focused exclusively on playing ‘not to lose’ or risk avoidance; game playing and posturing; very reactive/crisis mode; complete distrust;

Excerpted from the book: Business Execution for RESULTS, by Stephen Lynch When I was a boy who dreamed of becoming a fighter pilot, I tried to learn everything I could about jet planes. That’s when I heard about flameout for the first time. A flameout is “the failure of a jet engine caused by the extinction of the flame in the combustion chamber.” I’ve never seen a jet engine flame out,

Route I-5 Median Shoulder Improvement Project from Route 605 to Washington Blvd. This project upgraded the median barrier from Thrie Beam and Type 50 barrier to Type 60 concrete barrier along I-5 between Los Angeles and Orange County, including several bridges and undercrossings in the cities of Downey and Commerce. This high-volume freeway presented difficulties with safety; however, due to careful planning and a commitment to Partnering, the project was

The size of the “Cube”, by which the Courthouse is commonly referred, is well defined now with the structural steel in place and metal deck installation complete through Level 2.  The structure will continue to rise up through another nine levels and the roof to achieve the full “Cube” appearance. This progress through Level 2 has provided the required barrier for personnel safety at the lower levels and has permitted work to again move forward at

Often, we encounter teams that are stuck.  Things aren’t working.  Processes are slow.  What can we do together to get through this?  Often these are large jobs, over long periods of time, where team members can sometimes feel isolated.  Here is a great article from HBR…… Another brainstorming session, another slew of tired ideas. Your team is in a rut, but what can you do about it? How can you

Everyone always refers to “good leadership” on their construction projects.  What is good leadership?  Where does it come from?  Truth be told, we are all leaders.  Whether we are on the frontlines putting work in place or reside in the corner office overseeing many projects, we all have leadership responsibilities.  How do we execute them better?  Here is an article from that really dials in some dialogue that you

On May 15th, 2014, IPI celebrated its 5th Annual IPI Partnering Awards Ceremony. Owners, Contractors, Facilitators, CMs, Designers, and other associated Construction professionals dedicated to construction culture change, gathered at the SFO International Airport Museum to Celebrate the Nation’s most collaborative organizations and Project Teams. Total contracted work: $868,979,087 Total budget savings: $529,241 
5/9: ratio of projects that came in on time or early 7/9: ratio of jobs without a

AGC of California honored top projects, companies and individuals in the California construction industry during its prestigious annual 2014 Awards banquet held at Disney’s Grand Californian in Anaheim on June 7, 2014. The prestigious black tie event, the “Oscars” evening for the construction industry, was attended by more than 250 people from top construction firms throughout the state. Seven outstanding projects built by AGC of California contractors were chosen as