On Friday, April 26th, Mr. Neal Flesner delivered the keynote address at the Caltrans District 7 Resident Engineer’s Meeting and Partnering Awards.  Mr. Flesner spoke to the importance of collaboration, cooperation and common goals on major construction projects, providing the audience with a litany of real-world examples where large and small project teams had overcome major challenges to achieve extraordinary results on their projects. Caltrans’ Partnering Program helps the department

The Caltrans Excellence in Partnering Awards recognize project teams who use Partnering and its best practices to facilitate successful project implementation. In 2013, the 23 award-winning projects demonstrate the benefits of partnering to  Caltrans, its partners and the public – project statistics show that overwhelmingly, the projects finished safely, on time and within budget. These 23 award winning projects had a combined contract value of $840 Million and saved almost