The new $450 million Replacement Naval Hospital is not only $100 million under budget and ahead of schedule, but also is one of the first major US Design-Build projects to use a unique 100% turnkey equipment procurement process.  Clark/McCarthy, a Joint Venture (CMJV) is responsible for design, construction, medical planning and Initial  Outfitting & Training of the 500,000sf Replacement Naval Hospital at Camp Pendleton. In addition to the responsibilities traditionally assigned to a full service design builder, the Navy looked for a team that would also take on the challenge of full medical planning as well as ALL procurement, coordination, installation  and training for every piece of medical equipment on the project. Working together with HKS – the lead design team – and Navy Medicine West user groups, the team designed a full suite of equipment with a detailed list of room contents which included the Basis Of Design specifications for every one of the more than 20,000 pieces of equipment. Once the basis of design was finalized, the team led by CMJV performed a full service “Best Value Determination” for every item, giving the owner and the user groups an opportunity to compare various models, options, first-day pricing, maintenance contracts, and lifecycle costs.  The process began with the confirmation of the program documents to establish all the clinical and support  spaces, and their mission, function and capacity. The finalized program documented then formed the physical layout of the hospital. Equipment planning experts worked in concert with the space planning  architects to understand the physical and infrastructure requirements. The Basis Of Design equipment was selected based upon input from clinicians as well as the equipment manufacturers. The team led a series of  user-group workshops to fully vet the room contents list, review equipment specifications and validate the physical layout of the rooms.  Partnering on this project was facilitated by Jim Eisenhart of Ventura Consulting Group.

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