Mr. Crotty has specialized in developing and enhancing the effective collaboration of human systems for more than ten years. Mr. Crotty has applied this specialization on hundreds of project teams, world wide. With an adept ability to coordinate commitments from various stakeholders, Mr. Crotty has a proven track record of creating truly World Class teams, which are able to achieve extraordinary results. Mr. Crotty has designed and facilitated a formal partnering process for 100 projects ranging in size and complexity from road-widening projects to international offshore gas storage projects. Mr. Crotty’s clients include NAVFAC, USACE, GSA, LA MTA, Valley Metro Rail, St. Joseph’s Health System, the Cities of Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Houston, Austin and many more.

Previously, Mr. Crotty served as an associate pastor of a large church where he spent some of his time leading teams overseas. He also led up to 360 Marines both stateside and in foreign countries as an infantry platoon commander then a company commander with the US Marine Corps. Working with diverse teams in over 27 countries, Mr. Crotty has developed the ability to adapt quickly, see the big picture and accomplish the mission through the coordinated efforts of his teams. Mr. Crotty is a graduate of Pepperdine University and lives in Houston Texas with his wife, son and two big dogs. He enjoys time with his family, volunteering, and reading.


Phone: 805-701-4599